There are few helpful resource websites available to the public aside from KoC Wiki. Due to the lack of general information on KoC, many users have taken it into their hands to design community help websites for the game.

Games of Facebook

Games of Facebook is a site that includes several tutorials, hunts and tips to help with Kingdoms of Camelot, and other Facebook Games.
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== Tuwr Gamecharts==


Tuwr Gamecharts.

Tuwr Gamecharts is a site with multiple game-charts related to Kingdoms of Camelot and various other Facebook apps.

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== KoC Haven==


KoC Haven's page header.

KoC Haven is a "webs" website dedicated to helping players both new and veteran alike obtain a firm grasp on the KoC game. Though in its beta stages, it has quite a bit of helpful, organized information to offer. The website also contains a forum in which users may speak freely, offer ideas, etc.

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== Kingdoms of Camelot Tutorials==


KoC Tutorials page header.

Kingdoms of Camelot Tutorials is a collection of information on how to deal with different aspects of Kingdoms of Camelot.

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== Kingdoms of Camelot Tools==


KoC Tools Logo.

Kingdoms of Camelot Tools contains among other things; advanced search functions to find players & alliances as well as a battle report parser.

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