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Cavalry troops move very quickly on horseback, and have devastating attacks.

Where to use

  • Cavalry can be used for quick attacks against other players. They are especially useful when the enemy is online.
  • Cavalry make nice raiders of low level barbarian camps (up to lvl 3), because of their decent load and high speed.
  • Because of this same speed and load, they're also nice troops to use if you need to quickly transport resources between (alliance's) cities
  • They are good for destroying wall mounted crossbows. They are good to take out spike barriers but make sure there are no wall mounted crossbows, cavalry wont die against a city with only spiked barriers they will clear the spikes then you can send supply wagons in.
  • Do not use against big armies of pikemen.
  • Do not use on defend.

Additional Information

neigh they say...

  • Upkeep: 18
  • Might: 5

Note that Cavelry are actually quite effective against spiked barriers: it is confirmed that 2k cavelry can take out 6k spikes with no losses (all research levels for this test were lvl 9)

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