Every Field construction provides a certain amount of "capacity" for that type of resource. (e.g. A level 2 Sawmill provides a capacity of 30,000 Wood.) This capacity is a measure of how much your fields will produce before they are considered full and production stops.

Your City's total capacity for a given resource is the total of the capacities of your field constructions. (e.g. 5x level 2 Sawmills provides a total capacity of 150,000 wood.)

This capacity is not a limit on how many resources you can hold. There is no limit. When your resources exceed your capacity, your production will stop. (e.g. With a total capacity of 150,000 wood, your Sawmills will produce wood until you have 150,000 wood or more, then production will stop.)

This capacity has nothing to do with the amount of resources protected by a Storehouse. (e.g. A level 1 Storehouse will still protect the first 100,000 wood in inventory, regardless of what the total capacity is.)

Capacity is not affected by bonuses from Wilderness or Knights. The only way to increase your capacity is to build or upgrade your Fields.

Production will only stop when you reach capacity if your net production is positive. (e.g. A city with a lot of Troops may consume 100,000 Food per hour, while producing only 50,000 food per hour. The net production is -50,000 food per hour. If the food in inventory is above capacity, the net production will still be -50,000 food per hour, and not -100,000 food per hour. The Farms will still produce food to try to keep up the demand.)

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