Kingdoms of Camelot Winter

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Buildings in the City


Buildings in the Field


Your resources are produced in the field, seen by clicking the Field tab. The higher level your Castle, the more plots you receive to construct resource production buildings.

Construction time

Level 1 buildings take under a minute each. Please see the Construction Time page to find out how long it takes to construct buildings.

Divine Inspiration

Buildings, to be upgraded from level 9 to level 10, need as an additional Resource a Divine Inspiration. That is a rare and/or expensive item, and there is a recommended order in which you should use any that you obtain, so check carefully before using one. Level 11 buildings have arrived! But to upgrade your rally point or relief station or wall then you MUST upgrade your castle first which uses a Divine Providence which cost 200 gems but they may be released in merlins magical boxes soon.

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