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Ballistae fire huge arrow-like bolts at long ranges. They are effective against other siege weapons.

Where to use[]

Ballistae are effective against barbarian camps but not against other players unless they are inactive, as they take a long time to reach their destination. They are also good to use to defend your city when used in combination with field defenses, pikemen and/or swordsmen.

Ballistae are also very effective at taking wilds that are relatively close to you, as long as you send a first wave of militia to take out traps and you send enough ballistae.

Ballistae are very useful against wall-mounted crossbows.** (take out their field defenses 1st)

    • This is not true. Ballistae take out crossbows in about a 1:1 ratio, making them not that effective. Heavy Calvary are much better.

Additional Information[]

The usage and effects of Ballista can be achieved if the attacking army paused for a while on your castle and not rush into it. The solution is Caltrops for infantary and Spiked barriers + Pikemen for Cavalary. Although there are Crossbows but the maximum you can get are 13750 (level 10 Wall) and the max. level 11 wall max xbows is 16.5k

27500 caltrops: 0 Spikes or

0 Caltrops: 9166 Spikes (adjust the ratio).

The Crossbow has a range of 1300 and limited number and so does the Spikes. The balistae has 1400 range and mobile capabilty and no limit plus Spikes can be achieved by Pikemen also unlimited option. The trick to use balistae is to train pikemen too (5 Pikemen for on Ballista for better effects) and if you can manage then avoid the Spiked barrier rather fill field with caltrops (not even traps as trap kill one unit and caltrops caused 3 unit to die instantly).

Due to Ballistas upkeep of 50 units of food per 1 Ballista it isnt advised to have to many of these unless you have a way to sustain them

Unit 10 215 s34