Q: What is Ascension?

A: The Ascension feature will allow a player to take one of their existing Cities and rebuild it from the ground up as a faction aligned Ascended City. Players will be able to build and expand a City and then when they are ready to Ascend, gain additional benefits themed to the faction they chose. What’s great about this is that we can continue to reward players with new benefits and features as they continue to level up their Cities through the Ascension process, much like they already do with buildings within a City.
Q: What Role will Factions play in Ascension?
A: Up until now, the Druid, Fey and Briton Factions have only been hinted at. In the Throne Room, players have the ability to equip an item that is aligned with each faction but beyond that, very little is known about each faction. Ascension City is going to give the player a chance to really learn about the Factions. Each faction is going to get its very own City that players can choose to Ascend one of their existing Cities into. Each Ascension City will look and feel like the faction they belong to and will give players new buildings, troops and bonuses exclusive to that faction.

Q: How does Ascension Work?
A: As mentioned above, the process of creating an Ascended City requires that an existing City be rebuilt from the ground up. Each current City will be given a City Value based on the number and levels of the buildings it contains. To Ascend, each City must first reach a specific minimum City Value. Once a player has a City that meets the minimum City Value, the player can then take that City and start the Ascension process. The Ascension process will evaluate the City Value and determine the overall price required to Ascend. The price will be in Gems, but the higher the City Value, the lower the cost will be. If the City Value is high enough, the Ascension process could even be free.
We understand that players have put a lot of time and energy into building their Cities, which is why their previous efforts will reduce the price of creating a Ascended City. We also felt that it was important for everyone to be able to use this new feature so all players can create a Ascended City from an existing City if enough time was put into building it up.
Once a player has chosen an appropriate City to Ascend, they will then be given the option to select a Faction. In the initial release only the Druid faction will be available, but future releases will unlock the Fey and Briton Factions. Once a faction is chosen the player will be able to select an available Blessing (explained below). After locking in the faction and selecting a Blessing, the player is ready to begin using their new Ascended City.
Q: What are the benefits of Ascending?
A: Of the many improvements to come in Ascension, players will immediately notice improvements in the way they manage and interact with their cities. The Faction players choose to align themselves with will play a key role in this interaction. In the initial release of Ascension, Druid City will represent these improvements in two places; The Grove and the City Center.
The Grove is a building that will be present in Ascension’s new Field View, which will be completely updated and no longer house a City’s Resource Buildings. Field View, instead, will hold exclusive buildings for each given faction. In the case of Druid City, players will automatically receive the Grove after Ascending a City. To make up for the missing resource buildings, the Grove will allow players to manage Resource production with Resource Points. Players will be given forty five Resource Points the first time they Ascend. Each point can then be distributed into corresponding attributes within the Grove to gain the benefits of having level 12 Resource Buildings.
The second way we’re improving Cities in Ascension is through the City Center. There are currently several buildings in a City that, while serving a purpose, are not interacted with once they reach max level. The City Center will consolidate buildings like this into a single building, and like the Grove, will automatically be Level 12. This gives the player seven additional plots that they can build on and will allow the player to further strategize how they will construct their City with the extra space.
Q: What else is new in Ascension?
A: In addition to City changes, each faction will provide the player with new Troops! This is the first time since Kingdoms of Camelot launched that they will have access to new troops to use in combat. More information on these new troops will be released as it becomes available.
The last, and possibly most important, benefit of Ascending a City is getting access to the Blessing system. Each faction will have their own unique set of Blessings and will provide a new way for players to customize their cities. Players gain one new Blessing with each Ascension level. Depending on the faction and the level of the Ascended City, a player can use the Blessings to unlock new Troops and special abilities for the new Troops. The blessing system will also provide bonuses to the new Faction Buildings and provide other buffs based off the theme of the selected faction.

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