Annwyn (or Annwn) is the Otherworld in Arthurian Legend and Welsh Mythology

yn annwfyn ydiwyth, in Annwfyn the peacefulness,

yn annwfyn ygorwyth in Annwfyn the wrath,

yn annwfyn is eluyd in Annwfyn below the earth...

Annwn is popularly associated with the land of the old gods who can bestow gifts, including the gift of poetry (awen)

The early medieval Welsh poem Preiddeu Annwfn (“The Spoils of Annwn”), found in the Book of Taliesin, describes how King Arthur leads an expedition to Annwn to seek a cauldron. According to the poem: “ Three shiploads we went; save seven none returned.”

Annwyn is also the name of one of the domains in Kingdoms of Camelot wich recently got a Hall Of Fame for theyr player at this site

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