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The Alchemy Lab is where you perform Research to upgrade weapons and buildings. It is built in the City. Upgrading your Alchemy Lab allows your alchemists to research new and better technology. Alchemy research applies to all of your cities. You do not need to have a lab in each city, unless you want the opportunity to research more than one skill at a time. Each lab you build has its own research queue: two cities allows two researches at the same time.

Assigning one of your Knights to the role of Alchemystic will allow this Knight to use their Intelligence to speed up research being done in the Alchemy Lab. Detailed information about actual research time can be found here. The Alchemy Lab is one of the key buildings in this game and should be one of the first buildings you build.

It is not necessary for a city to have the Alchemy Lab to to benefit from your research done in other cities. Once you have completed your available researches, you can get rid of it in favor of a barracks for faster troop building and still retain all research levels. Generally you will want to keep one Alchemy Lab around to research to rearch level 10 technologies as you obtain the Divine Inspirations needed upgrade the prerequisite buildings.


Level Construction Food Wood Stone Ore
1 - 120 2,500 1,500 200
2 - 240 5,000 3,000 400
3 - 480 10,000 6,000 800
4 - 960 20,000 12,000 1,600
5 - 1,920 40,000 24,000 3,200
6 - 3,840 80,000 48,000 6,400
7 - 7,680 160,000 96,000 12,800
8 - 15,360 320,000 192,000 25,600
9 - 30,720 640,000 384,000 51,200
10 Divine Inspiration 61,440 1,280,000 768,000 102,400

Castle Lvl. 11

Divine Inspiration

122,880 2,560,000 1,536,000 204,800


Note: the level ten lab only gives you the ability to upgrade Eagle Eye, Poisoned Edge, Featherweight Powder, Magical Mapping, Fletching, Healing Potions and Giant's Strength immediately; other research requires other buildings to be leveled up to level ten as well.

Read more about this on the Research Page

Level Yield
1 Research Fertilizer, Logging, Stoneworking, and Mining, and raise your research cap to Level 1
2 Research Poisoned Edge and raise your research cap to Level 2
3 Research Geometry, Eagle Eyes, and Metal Alloys, and raise your research cap to Level 3
4 Research Featherweight Powder, Magical Mapping, and Fletching, and raise your research cap to Level 4
5 Research Alloy Horseshoes and Giant's Strength, and raise your research cap to Level 5
6 Research Shrinking Powder and Healing Potions, and raise your research cap to Level 6
7 Raise your research cap to Level 7
8 Raise your research cap to Level 8
9 Raise your research cap to Level 9


Raise your research cap to Level 10

11 Raise your research cap to Level 11
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