Aetherstones What will this bring to Camelot?

The last resource.

Where to find

Aetherstone is found in dark forests and in the possession of other kingdoms.

Base amount

  • Level 1 - 1000
  • Level 2 - 2000
  • Level 3 - 4000
  • Level 4 - 8000
  • Level 5 - 16000
  • Level 6 - 32000
  • Level 7 - 64000
  • Level 8 - 128000
  • Level 9 - 256000
  • Level 10 - 512000


Players win in proportion to the number population value of dark forest creatures they kill . So you can loose and still get some (or even most) of the athherstone. And you can win, and only get a small part if someone else already attacked the DF.

Max holdings

You are allowed a maximum of 1 million in a city. You cannot hide them in wildernesses - when the wagons arrive, the stones go back to your city. So if an attack is incoming, best defense is to send them to your farthest city until the attack is over. Right now (November 2011) there's no shortage but Kabam have said there is a fixed amount per domain, so they expect people to fight for it at some point

NOTE: Aetherstone does not weigh the same as regular resources (ex: food). 1 Aetherstone takes up 5x more load than 1 regular resource. For example: 1075 Aetherstone takes up 5375 load space. So when transporting them, make sure you have a lot of supply wagons. 

What its for?

You make stuff in you Fey Spire. To make a Divine Providence for example, as well as 15 Ohrstone's and 15 Keterstones, 2 Animal Hide and 1 Sir Galahad's crest you will need a minimum 1,500,000 aetherstone, and you still may fail. If you make all the Ohrstones and Ketterstones you will need a minimum of 1,800,000 aetherstone, probably much more. On the plus side, every failure, except for basic items, yields useful ingredients.It is also for upgrading and Enhancing Throne Room Items.

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