Many players are sharing their email addresses in the chats to gain the Second_City friends required for Second City builds. This can create security issues if you are trying to keep the information of your family and friends away from the prying eyes of the strangers with whom you play. To keep the information from family and friends secure and separate from the game-strangers with whom you list for building second cities, please do the following:

(Remember, do not type the quotation marks ["]. They are used here for illustrative purposes only.)

1. Click on "Edit Friends" under the "Account" tab in the top right of your Facebook page.

2. Click the "Friends" link in the menu at the left.

3. Select "Create New List" in the menu at the top.

4. In the box which says "Enter a Name", type "Kingdoms of Camelot". Select all the friends you want put in that list and click "Create List". This could take a few minutes if you have a lot of stranger/friends.

5. Click "Privacy Settings" under the "Account" tab in the top right of your Facebook page.

6. Begin at the top with "Things I Share" > "Posts by me" - Click the little down-arrow in the drop-down menu box to the right.

7. Click on "Customize".

8. In the space below "Hide this from", type "Kingdoms of Camelot". Click "Save Setting". This will hide posts from you to all the people listed in your Kingdoms of Camelot list.

9. Repeat steps 6, 7, and 8 for the other options on that page. Be aware that hiding all items in the section "Things Others Share" from your game friends means that they may not be able to see any Faires, Building requests, or other in-game options you post to your page.

Total isolation of information (family/friends vs in-game friend/strangers) is not quite possible with Facebook's current security settings. However, following the above instructions will go a long way to keeping everyone a little safer and ensuring you get that 2nd-city deed.

Have a great game!


  • Adding Game Friends
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