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The 8th city, AKA Fey City has finally been released. At first, the Fey City Premiere Package was only available for purchase on Kabam.com for a failry high price of 1750 gems. The Premiere package was accompianied by a new guardian called the Viand Kraken, the water guardian, which increases food production and decreases troops marching time. The Fey City Package is now available for purchase directly through the shop on KoC Facebook, but does not include the Viand Kraken anymore. The package does include however: x1 Fey City Deed, x1 Portal of Order, x1 Sacred Providence, x1 Potion of Mist. It costs 1150 gems regularly but due to a current sale it is down to 977 gems. You also have the option to but just the Fey City Deed for 950 gems (on sale for 807), and you have the third and fional option of buying a Dark Forest Chest which randomly awards you between 1 and 3 Aetherseals, between 1 and 3 Ysbadden Seals, and between 1 and 3 Sidhe Seals.

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