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When there are too many items for the main page, move older items to News Archive - 2011.


All cleaned up and shiny! Back to the Wiki! There are a couple things that need to be done and I would like to request your attention or lets say I do require your help.

  • Known Issues page contains lots of bugs and I would like to get rid of the ones that were fixed. If you know something is fixed just change the "No" to "Yes" so that we all know it's gone.
  • Quests page is, I think, outdated, if you know some new quests, please add them to the end. I am pretty sure we are missing most of the new city quests, just to name an example.
  • 5th City Package page and similar pages were created for the old format of wikia. The new format causes the disastrous look you can see on that page where tables go under each other instead of being next to each other. If you have a template idea, or even better are good with templates, please contact me on my [User:Marodex talk] page so that we can fix this.
  • There are lots of image updates, if you have the time and know how to save KoC images, then an update would be great. Just to explain this point: If you right click and save an image in KoC it will be saved as a 4-5 digit number as file name. This is what you need to keep because all of the KoC Wikia images use this system. If for example a new Barrack picture were to be 1538.gif, don't change it to Barrackslvl11.gif and upload it. It will just clutter the system.

Thanks for reading folks and happy editing!
--Marodex 09:41, March 6, 2011 (UTC)

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